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Who We Are

A shared passion for film and a common commitment to a collaborative model of working across the value chain and beyond brought together five film professionals from different territories and inspired them to create MORETHAN.

As the film industry becomes increasingly global, we saw the need for a new kind of film agency, one that truly operates internationally through a network of partners working under the same collaborative roof.


The mission of Morethan is to bring together film professionals from around the world, aiming to create truly international projects, promoting diversity and supporting new voices.

What We Stand For

  • transparency throughout the value chain, from filmmaker to rights exploitation

  • a collaborative model of working within the team and beyond on an international level

  • Championing talent and fresh ideas with a special eye for backing female filmmakers and a diversity of backgrounds.


Emma Caviezel

Wondering how to navigate the digital distribution market? Emma has  experience in VOD in Sweden and would love to share her reflections and insights from international trainings and conferences with you! Her time working in programming at Göteborg Film Festival left her with an overview of the filmic landscape in Scandinavia and beyond. Besides cinema, she has a passion for writing, from marketing texts, to funding applications, to colleagues bios. 



Lidia Damatto

Confused when dealing with sales agents and distributors? Lidia has over 10 years of experience in film sales and distribution, but as a matter of fact there isn’t a part of the film industry that Lidia hasn’t worked in. She has produced, directed, programmed, sold, distributed and marketed films. She was also a script reader for a Hollywood company and successfully crowdfunded a traveling documentary film festival in LA. Drop her a line to learn from her seemingly endless film industry experience (did we mention acting?)


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Queralt Pons Serra

Feeling lost on how to navigate the international film landscape?

With over 8 years experience in international promotion and marketing, Queralt is the former head of Shortcat and international consultant at Catalan Films & TV. She can help first time filmmakers break into the international film market and create the best festival strategy for their feature and short films. She has a good international network of festival programmers and works to inspire new promotion models for the future of the industry.

Our Team

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