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La Parle - Mostra 02.png


Directed by Fanny Boldini, Gabriela Boeri, Kevin Vanstaen, Simon Boulier

Executive Produced by Claude Lelouche

France, Brazil | 2022 | 74' | French, Portuguese and English

Fanny, Kevin and Simon join Gabriela for summer vacation on the French Basque coast. The place is famous for gathering people around La Parle, a wave which, according to the local legend, stirs emotions and resolutions. While Fanny must deal with an upcoming medical checkup, Gabriela, far from her family in Brazil, questions her future. Kevin tries to connect with work, but his mind is somewhere else. Simon, on the other hand, expects the group to have fun. As the four friends connect, they find unexpected ways to bond and support each other.

Festivals & Awards

São Paulo International Film Festival (Brazil)

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